Tournament News - Tips


Day 4: 5, 13-01 (20, 55-15) Reed hopes he can sustain the momentum he's picked up over the past two derbies.

"It's a pleasant surprise," he said of his finish. "I fished by the seat of my pants for 4 days and just covered new water every day, and I fished really clean all week. I had one big one come off the first day, but it wasn't even close to the boat. I've got no complaints.

"It feels good to be making good decisions again. Most times you don't know what made you turn left when you should've gone right, but times like now are when it all flows. It's amazing how much of this game is mental, whether you know what's causing it or not."

He fished a jerkbait most of the time and handled seven keepers on the final day. Mixed bags were the norm for him.

"I never knew what I was going to catch. I was actually fishing for smallmouth, but I ended up weighing in more of the others." Read more