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000241692_original_650x650.jpg> Day 4: 5, 12-06 (20, 64-14) Reed stuck with his simple Carolina rig strategy today in Lake Eustis, but he sensed the population of fish inhabiting the shell beds he kept visiting was starting to dwindle. Still, he was thrilled to collect his best finish in a tour-level event since he placed 4th at the Clarks Hills Elite Series back in May 2010.

“It was a great week,” he said. “I just ran out of fish. Any time you finish in the top 5, you have to be happy. I fished clean all week and didn’t lose a fish that would’ve mattered.”

With the slight change in weather, the fish started biting differently.

“Today, they just got weird on me,” he said. “They were biting like perch. There was one I caught that was hooked on the outside of the cheek. It just didn’t eat it right.”

To counter that, he resorted to a shaky-head to catch two of his weigh fish.

“I think they got tired of me and it didn’t replenish last night and the cupboard just went dry,” he added.

The top-5 is so far the highlight of his first year competing on the FLW Tour after more than a decade on the Elite Series and Bassmaster Tour. He stepped away from the Elite Series in the middle of the 2016 season, but feels rejuvenated now.

“Personally, things are in a much better place now,” he said. “My mind is in a much better place. At (Lake) Travis two weeks ago, I didn’t get paid and finished a pound out of the money. But practice at Travis felt right. Things fell into place. Everything was going good and even after Travis, I felt like I was getting the tires back on the road.

“Here, every day in practice, I found something new and added to it. When you’re doing this as long as I have been, when it’s broke, it’s hard to know what’s broke about it, so it feels good to walk on stage on the final day. There were years where I was accustomed to that and I’ll admit this dry spell I’ve had, you start to question yourself.” FULL STORY