Tournament News - Tips

> Day 1: 5, 14-08 - Texan Matt Reed locked down to Pool 4 and estimated his total time spent with a line in the water at 5 hours. In that duration he scrounged up seven keepers and boated every fish that he hooked. He called the bite "weird" and attributed that to fish trying to spawn.

"You can't see anything, but I think there are some fish that have moved on (to beds)," he noted. "I'm moving really slow and trying to fish my areas thoroughly. I hate to fish slow, but that's how you have to catch them right now."

He fished a single stretch all day and had it to himself until Bill Lowen set up shop close by in the afternoon. Reed said he'll live or die in the same place on day 2.

"I hope we can make those fish last a couple more days, but I don't know. It's a pretty small area.

"I'm really praying the wind stays up tomorrow," he added. "I'm already fishing a protected area and if it slicks off, it's going to get awfully tough."