Tournament News - Tips
Matt Reed didn't have a real good day Saturday when an 11-11 bag took him out of contention. He bounced back with a 16-11 stringer today to grab a Top-10 finish.

"I caught a bunch of fish today," he noted. "I just didn't get any big bites. You always would love to win, but I had to make the Top 12."

He finished 18th here a year ago, so he was thrilled to improve upon that.

"I like it (here)," he added. "I love structure fishing and I'm not really a dropshotter by nature, but I love to structure fish. These fish – you find them on your electronics and sit over them and catch them. It's like a video game." Read More

If you were to draw Reed's morning on graph paper, it'd look like a seismograph plotting an earthquake: Up and down, up and down.

He had two weigh-fish right away, then lost four straight would-be keepers, which left him with only two in the box at 12:30.

He then hooked a 2 1/2-pounder, which would've normally gone back in the lake. Instead, he put it in the box because he knew time was running out and he needed a limit to have a shot at retaining the lead.

"I'm thinking, 'I better put this in the livewell - I've got to have some fish,'" he said. "I fished there for another 10 minutes to see if I could catch another one and then went back to fizz it and it had already died and I was like, 'Man.'

"Then I moved to another place and caught a 4 1/2 and a 4 1/4 boom, boom and I got to a point where I had a 2 1/2-pounder and nothing littler than 4 1/4. It's going well, but that mistake may cost me there."

He talked on day 1 about how the bottom-huggers weren't triggering and he experienced it again today. Read More